About OXWD Web Directory

OXWD.com or as we like to call it, OX Web Directory, was launched in February, 2006. It is an internet resource directory that typically lists people and their businesses, organized into categories and subcategories. You can search for the keyword via our search engine or browse through the categories to check out your desired websites.

With more than a decade in directory business, we have gathered the skills to provide top-notch experience to our clients and the visitors from the World Wide Web. Our directories have been build manually by human editors so as to maintain the integrity of the search results we provide to all our customers. If you want to list your website or business on our directory, then head over to "Add Your Listing" and follow the submission guidelines for a smooth user experience. Once submitted for inclusion, our experienced editors will review the link and (if approved) include the listing in our web directory.

OX Web Directory is a part of the well established Ally Directory Network. Our experience in this field is unparalled to the run of the mill directories out there. We thrive to provide the best experience and results for our customers. Thousands of customers, over 15 years cannot be wrong.